Best Food Processor for Nut Flour

When it comes to absolutely any kitchen utensil or gadget, it is incredibly important to have something you can rely on. No matter if it is something as simple as a pizza cutter or something that could see as much daily use as your coffee maker, you want something that not only does the job you bought it for, but does it well, reliably, and lasts you a very long time. These are factors anyone should consider, no matter if they are buying kitchenware or anything else. One of the more popular tools taking kitchens by storm in the past few years has been the food processor, an extremely useful kitchen gadget that allows its uses to chop, grind and slice any ingredients they put into it, and that is not even including all the functions it can perform after you get your hands on some attachments!

There are many functions a food processor can perform, which makes them an ideal candidate for daily use in your kitchen, no matter if you are an experienced chef or a novice cook. The diversity of tasks you can use your food processor for, even just out-of-the-box, is astounding, and ensures that you can almost certainly always find a place to use them in nearly any given recipe you might be trying out. Need to puree some tomatoes? Blend up some chickpeas and oil for hummus? Or perhaps grind up some nuts into flour? No matter the use, a food processor can take a lot of the hard work out of the dishes which may have given you some trouble in the past. Check out the list of top nuts to make into flours here 11 best nuts for flour.

Nut flour, especially, is a very difficult thing to make without the help of a food processor. Cutting or slicing up the nuts by hand, and the using a separate tool to grind them into a flour-like powder, can be quite labor-intensive. Why do all of that work yourself when you can get one simple kitchen tool that does both of those steps for you?

So, if you have recently gotten involved in the nut flour craze and are excited to have access to all the benefits nut flour brings, you are going to want a food processor, especially if you are thinking of preparing nut flour in bulk for your future baking endeavors. That brings us to one vital question: What food processor is the best for making nut flour, while still being reliable, reasonably-priced, and durable? Well, lucky for you, there are a few different answers to that question! So today, we are going to be examining the some of the best food processors on the market that you will be able to trust not just with your nut flour, but with almost anything else. We will be considering price, bowl size, engine power, and any other special features that might make these food processors special.

Choosing a food processor is just like the process of choosing any other kitchen gadget: you need to examine what you need from the device, your budget, and how often you think you will use it. Have a large family that you like to cook often for? You will probably want a very durable processor with a large bowl. Live on your own and think you will only use the processor sparsely? Then you can afford to get a cheaper model with a smaller bowl, since you will not be putting it under too much strain. So, with those questions in mind, let’s get into it!

The Best Food Processors for Nut Flour

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor,




Cuisinart is a brand of kitchenware that has nearly achieved ubiquity across the nation’s kitchens. Almost everyone seems to have at least one piece of Cuisinart equipment, and with good reason. Cuisinart is eye-catching, vibrant and often colorful, so any shopper wandering the kitchenware section of their local store will inevitable find themselves eyeing up a piece of Cuisinart hardware. They follow this up with an attractive and reasonable price that often beats out the competitors around it, and before you know it, that piece of equipment is unboxed in your kitchen. Their food processors are equally attractive, reasonably-priced, and they are just as reliable as many of their competitors. This particular processor has earned a reputation among many critics and bloggers as one of the best food processors on the market, and the reputable website has named it the best food processor of 2017.


With a hulking 14-cup bowl, this food processor is certain to serve you well, no matter if you are cooking just for the night or if you are making your nut flour in bulk to store away for later use. It also comes with easy, intuitive controls and an incredibly powerful 750-watt motor, ensuring that the blades will have enough power behind them to cut through even the most stubborn ingredients. Although this price tag on this may seem steep at first glance, it is actually incredibly cheap when you match with up against similar models from other brands.


KitchenAid KFP1333OB 13-Cup Food Processor


No matter if it is a coffee maker or a toaster oven, KitchenAid is a reliable kitchen brand that is known by many to be durable and fairly-priced, and the high quality of many of their kitchen tools makes it easy to justify paying a slightly higher upfront price. This particular model comes with both a 13-cup and 4-cup bowl, meaning that you can easily switch up on the fly whenever you need more or less space, and it also ensures you will always have another bowl if you choose to make a dish in one, throw some plastic wrap over the top, and toss it in the fridge.

Not just that, but you can order this model of processor in one of eight different colors, meaning that no matter what theme you have going on in your kitchen, you will almost certainly find a processor that will fit into your kitchen just right. The ultra-wide feed tube on the top ensures that no matter what ingredients you need to throw into your processor, you can rest assured that you will be able to fit it in without having to chop it up into such smaller pieces beforehand.

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