Best Food Processor For Making Dough

While you can’t beat the taste of homemade bread made by hand, appliances have made life much easier. Homemade bread is so much tastier than store bought bread; so let’s discuss the best food processor for making bread dough. I know, who would have thought of making bread dough in a food processor?

To begin with, the dough can be done within 30-45 seconds through the use of a food processor. Too many of us struggle with having enough time in the day, so this is awesome! Homemade bread doesn’t have to take hours to make any longer. Bread dough made in a processor is quick, easy and it oxidizes less than kneading it by hand or kneading it in a stand mixer. The key to perfect dough in a food processor is to utilize a steel cutting blade. More than likely, you will need to purchase the steel blade as an accessory, but the investment will be so worth it. Kneading by hand is not necessary, unless you are adding fruit or nuts to the dough and need to distribute them evenly. Keep in mind that the dough will not feel the same as a hand kneaded dough right out of the mixer. You will have to let the dough rest for approximately fifteen minutes to get the texture you are accustomed to after hand kneading. You can allow a yeasted dough to rise right in your work bowl and the “punch” it down by simply pulsing the blade.

You also do not want to overload your food processor, as that will shorten the life of your machine. A ten to twelve cup capacity bowl processor can only handle 1.5 pounds of dough. The bread mixture should be made with no more than two or three cups of flour. Another secret to perfect bread dough made in your food processor is to use cool water to make your recipe. If the dough becomes too warm in the food processor, it can kill the yeast. Only process the dough until it becomes a ball and doesn’t stick to the edges of the bowl. You want to make sure that the dough remains cool, do not let it get overheated in the processor.

Since the dough will place a lot of stress on your food processor, make sure you have one with a strong motor and a heavy base. Dough mixtures are very sturdy, so you need to ensure that you find the best food processor for making bread dough before you make that purchase. Some food processors come with a specific dough function button, but not all of them are satisfactory when it comes to the use of this function. Many seasoned bread makers have found machines without this function to work the same, if not better, than those with the dough function option.

Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor


The weight of the Cuisinart fourteen cup food processor makes it a powerhouse for dough making. Fully assembled, the machine weighs approximately eighteen pounds. Make sure you find a spot on your counter that is easily accessible for use and cleanup of the food processor, so that you do not have to lug this machine around. While it doesn’t have a dough function button, we still believe this to be the best food processor for making bread dough. Why do you ask?

The answer is simple. After extensive testing, this machine stood apart from the competition, even with its basic design and features. It was able to handle double batches of pizza dough, without so much as a shimmy or a shake across the counter. The satiny dough ball was formed within 40 seconds, perfect and ready to be rested.

Also, all of the accessories to the machine fit neatly back inside the fourteen cup capacity bowl for easy storage. No need to have an additional storage space for your food processor accessories. The fourteen cup bowl is simply the best when it comes to making meals and recipes for a family of three or more.

The lid used on this machine is also very simple and easy to clean. There aren’t any fancy grooves or crevices for food to get stuck in. The simple design of this lid will make your cleanup a cinch. You can also quickly determine if the lid is not secured in place when you are using the machine. If it is not properly secured, it will rattle loose and the machine will immediately stop running. What an awesome safety feature!

Also, the dough blade does not come as a standard accessory to the Cuisinart 14 cup food processor any longer. We are not sure why the change was made, but through our extensive testing, we have found that the blade is not necessary to make the perfect batch of dough. However, if you want to add the dough blade, you can find the accessory blade on the Cuisinart Website.

The machine itself is quiet and doesn’t create much of a noise disturbance. This is another reason we feel that this is the best food processor for making bread dough. Cleanup is such a breeze with this machine. Simply place a few drops of dish liquid into the work bowl with water and run the machine for a few seconds. The blades will be sharp, so be sure to use a bottle brush to clean around the blades if there is any dough stuck in or around the blade area.

So, what are you waiting for? Add this food processor to your kitchen arsenal asap! It’s capabilities span far beyond your basic dough recipes. It will save you a ton of time in your meal preparation; leaving more valuable time for you to spend with your family. You will not regret the purchase of this machine, not even for a minute.

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