Best Food Processor with Dough Hook

No matter if you are an experienced baker who loves nothing more than creating a fresh loaf of bread to have with a simple square of butter, or if you are completely new to baking and are simply looking to dabble, there are certain tools that are always going to be indispensable to you, if you intend to bake with any regularity. Things like rolling pins, baking trays, and baking sheets are all things you know you will need going into almost any baking session, and that’s excluding more specific things like cupcake trays, cake tins, and more. But recently, bakers everywhere have been adding another tool into their kitchen to help them in their everyday baking, to make it quicker, easier, and much more enjoyable!

This tool is, of course, the food processor. With its wide assortment of uses and versatile attachments, this simple kitchen appliance has been gaining traction among every subdivision of the cooking community, from hardcore soup lovers, to bakers, and more. The reason this one machine is becoming so popular among the cooking community is not only because of how incredibly easy it is to use, but also how it can be including in almost every aspect of your daily cooking, if you have the right attachments for it. Used properly, it can be incredibly versatile, and take a lot of the effort out of the more arduous kitchen tasks, such as grating, shredding, grinding, and yes, even kneading. A good quality food processor can take care of some of the most stubborn kitchen tasks and ingredients, while freeing up your hands to either take a break while your food is being prepared, or to quickly take care of other tasks to make sure your meal is done that much faster!

Baking is especially one of the most demanding kitchen tasks, that requires a lot from any would-be baker. If your arms are not completely up for it, you can find kneading your bread to be a very difficult, and possibly even painful task. So, if you are in the market for something to help you with that, look no further than a reliable food processor! Many of the better-quality food processors come with a dough hook to help in your baking tasks.

Essentially, a dough hook is an attachment for your food processor that you can put in the place your more traditional S-Shaped blade would go, and once you lock it into place, insert all the ingredients you want to knead into dough, and turn it on, it will mix everything up and keep kneading it until you’re happy with the final result. It requires you to keep a bit of an eye on it, as you do not want to knead your dough too much, or pull it out of the machine before it has been prepared fully. However, this tool is still incredibly valuable to any baker who would like to make one of the most difficult parts of baking easier.

So, in the name of helping you have a more enjoyable kitchen experience, we have compiled a list of some of the best food processor on the market that come with a dough hook straight out of the box. You will notice that many of these will be in a higher price range than normal, this is because we are aiming to show you the best processors on the market that will last you for a long time after you buy them. However, we will also be including some food processors from a lower price range, for those of you who are not sure you want to drop too much money on a single kitchen appliance yet, or just cannot afford to. So, without further delay, let’s take a look!




When we talk about kitchenware products, we simply cannot avoid Oster. Oster has been a giant in the kitchen appliance sector for a very long time, and they make good-quality kitchen machines for almost every price range you could think of. They manufacture everything from coffee makers to blenders, and much more. Luckily for us, their food processors are no exception to their usual quality! Once again, Oster has hit it out of the park on their well-made, reasonably priced machine to help you process a large variety of foods.


With a hulking 10-cup bowl, this food processor can handle just about naything you can throw at it. And, just like what we have been searching for, it comes with a good, strong dough hook right out of the box! You don’t even have to wait a moment longer than it takes to set up your machine in order to start kneading the perfect dough, all effort-free! You can save your time and your energy by just setting this machine up and letting it go. With BPA-free plastic for the bowl, and an immensely powerful 500-watt motor, this machine is the very definition of “Get the job done”.


It comes in a sleek black color that can pair perfectly with almost any kitchen theme, and has the option the extend the usual warranty into a three or four-year warranty for an extremely cheap price, so if you are the kind of person who likes the reassurance that you will always be able to fix your machine if it breaks down, this is a great choice for you!




Now, before you take one look at the price tag and skip this option, let me just say that Cuisinart is a reputable brand that is known for their high-quality products, so if you do end up choosing to buy this particular food processor, it is likely to serve you for a long time to come. With that in mind, this is a great kitchen utensil for any kitchen, and come with multiple attachments to help you in your cooking, with blades that are capable of even slicing through or mixing dough, allowing you to rely on this for any of your kitchen needs!


In addition to is general-purpose attachments that are fantastic quality, Cuisinart also separately sells a dough hook of extraordinary quality that is compatible with the majority of its machines, so if you feel like the standard blades are not doing enough to make your dough as fantastic as it can be, you still have an option to get an even better attachment to help you out with your tasks in the kitchen. It is especially common for dedicated bakers to order any Cuisinart food processing machine with this dough hook, as it is so durable, reliable and only serves to add to the versatility of your machine!


No matter if you are grinding things up into a fine paste with the S-Blade, or if you need a good-quality dough hook to knead your plastic into its BPA-free, generously-sized 7-cup bowl, this machine can fulfill whatever kitchen tasks you might reasonably expect from it. While it is certainly in the higher price range, it more than makes up for it by returning your investment over years of faithful service in your kitchen!



I know the price of this particular machine may be phenomenally hard to swallow if you are only just beginning to consider getting your own food processor, but anyone experienced in the kitchen knows exactly how valuable good kitchenware is. The folks at Braun also know this, and thus decided to give you one of the absolute best food processors on the market, with all of the bells and whistles you could ask for, including a gigantic 12-cup bowl, seven included attachments, included chopper and citrus juicer, all in an ultra-quiet, German-engineered machine that will absolutely blow your mind!

The value in this particular machine is absolutely off the charts, with it coming not only seven attachments out of the box, including the valuable dough blade we are all looking for in a good food processor, but also with two separate function entirely. This machine can also chop up any fruits or veggies you put into it, or you can use its third function to act as a fantastic juicer, allowing you to eliminate at least two other tools from taking up space in your kitchen, only to be replaced by this compact and efficient machine.

We all love a sturdy design that we will be able to depend on for years, and with this machine’s premium German engineering, along with the versatility of the modes and fantastic warranty, you can rest assured that if you choose to buy this machine, you will get years of amazing usage out of it. Not only that, but you will always feel safe in the knowledge that if it breaks, you can have it fixed, hassle-free and quickly! Braun really works to make this option worth your hard-earned money.


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