Best Vegetable Chopper Reviews – 5 Items of Interest to the Home Cook

These best vegetable chopper reviews compile five products that most home cooks will want to have in their kitchens.  Whether it’s to simplify garnish prep or full-on food processor-style veggie cuts, these items will surely do you some good by adding them to your culinary arsenal.  Most of them are also firmly within the range of “bargain buys,” so you know you won’t have to sell an arm and a leg to get them.

Jenaluca Herb Scissors

Jenaluca Herb Scissors

These 5-bladed kitchen shears cut through vegetables and herbs in half the time it takes to mince using a knife.  The blades are of stainless steel and the handles are made of lightweight, non-abrasive TPR.  The shears are dishwasher safe and also come with a tough plastic cover to keep the sharp 3-inch blades hidden away when not in use.


  • Good build quality
  • Very easy to clean, especially as the blade cover can be used to clean between the blades
  • Good, balanced weight


  • The handles may feel a little on the small side for those with very large hands (men, for instance)

These kitchen shears may be a little limited in what vegetables they can chop—you won’t be taking them to an Idaho potato any time soon—but they’re still pretty fantastic.  Chives, peppers, leafy greens, celery, and a whole slew of other vegetables are all fair game for these snippers.  They’ll even work well on paper if you’re in a mood to send out decorative cards as invitations for your next dinner party.  All in all, for $19, they’re a wonderful buy for herb and salad eaters.

Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop

Overview: This 2-cup capacity chopper is a manual chopper with stainless steel blades.  Several pulls allow you to chop ingredients as finely or coarsely as preferred.  It has a non-slip base for stable use and easy pull-handle operation.


  • Very easy to clean
  • Doesn’t require electricity
  • Very sturdy


  • Won’t be ideal if you want something that can also mince and puree
  • Can leave a few chunks with things like big onions

This is a simple $25 chopper that can really make a difference if you’re the type who likes to prepare things like salsa or savory dishes with a lot of finely chopped vegetables in them.  The simplicity of its construction is beautiful, as it means there are fewer components to worry about.  It’s also quite tough and the blades inside are very sharp.  On the whole, it’s a wonderful addition to any kitchen, especially if you want something that can do very fast—if not terribly precise—fine chopping without having to go through the headaches of an electric processor.

Brieftons Manual Food Chopper, Compact and Powerful

This 3-cup capacity food chopper is another of the vegetable choppers with pull-cord operation.  Pulling the handle on the lid rotates a pair of stainless steel blades within the plastic BPA-free bowl.  The lid, the bowl, and the blades are all dishwasher-safe.


  • Very easy to use
  • Very good build quality
  • Very affordable


  • Relatively small capacity (you can’t fit a whole onion or green pepper in it)
  • Tends to crush instead of chopping tomatoes

This $16 chopper is built along the same lines as the Kuhn Rikon above—and it works just as well, too.  It’s not great at working on very juicy, pulpy fruit like tomatoes, but it does take on most vegetables very capably.  It’s also quite well made considering its low price.  It can’t produce precision chops and there are really times when you just have to accept that it chops stuff unevenly, but if you can live with that, it’s a great tool to have on the counter.

Kuuk Hand Powered Food Processor, Mixer, Spinner

This 52-ounce processor can be used to spin-dry vegetables, chop, and mix them.  It can also be used to separate the yolks from eggs.  It has suction cups on the base to keep it still as you work, a hand-cranked chopping mechanism, and a tri-blade chopping attachment.


  • Excellent egg separator on the lid
  • Multipurpose and versatile
  • Very easy to use


  • Actual capacity is not that large

Even with the slightly limited capacity, this is a great hand-cranked chopper.  The blades on it are really sharp, it can do more than chop (both the spin-drying and egg yolk separation are great!), and it costs only $17.  That’s amazing value for the price, so don’t be fooled by the slightly cheap plastic looks of it out of the box.  It’s actually far more capable of meeting your demands than you would expect from its appearance.

BLACK+DECKER EHC3002B Glass Bowl Chopper

This machine has a top-mounted motor with 150 watts of power for various chopping tasks.  The set comes with two 4-cup capacity glass bowls with airtight lids.  The processor top fits perfectly on both bowls and can be disassembled for cleaning.  The motor can run on both high-speed and low-speed pulses and the bowls and their lids are dishwasher-safe.


  • Strong motor for its size
  • Good construction quality (with some very nice glass bowls included)
  • Quite affordable at $33.50


  • Can be hard to process very small food amounts
  • A little awkward to store if both the glass bowls are being used elsewhere

This is a good mini food processor if most of what you want it to do is chop veggies.  It has its limitations—processing very small (or very large) amounts is tough, and the lid-mounted motor can be a pain to store.  Still, its price makes it a good buy given the 150-watt motor and blade attachment that comes in the package.


The best product here, at least where most people will be concerned, is very likely the Kuuk Hand-powered Food Processor.  The range of tasks it can take on despite its modest price tag makes it a steal, and the hand-crank design is generally sturdier than the pull-cord one.

That said, the pull-cord variants on this list have their merits, too.  They come in a near second, although they only barely beat the shears and electric product by virtue of their low prices and overall usability.

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