Cuisinart Food Processor Blades Use

Cuisinart food processors come with a number of blades that are used for various functions, such as chopping, kneading, slicing, and shredding .Although the processors are typically bought with the blades, others have provision for installing other types of blades and discs as additional accessories. Here is an overview of all the information that you need to know about Cuisinart food processor blades use so that you can make an informed decision next time you are purchasing a food processor.


Metal S-Blade


The S-Blade is the most commonly used in home kitchens. It spins to process food that has been put in the machine. Depending on what you need you, you could set the processor to cut food into tiny pieces or run the blade for a shorter time to produce bigger and more solid pieces.  When buying a processor, make sure that the metal blade is sharp. Dull blades make a mess inside the machine’s work bowl as juices are forced out of the foods during processing. Sharp blades, on the other hand, slice the ingredients cleanly and consistently. The work bowl will be easier to clean when you’re done.


To cut up raw fruits and veggies, first chop the foods into one inch pieces. Then put two cups of food into the machine’s work bowl. Lock the cover and push down the lever to pulse. Release it and repeat after one second. Keep doing that until the ingredients have been coarsely chopped. After that, switch the lever on, and let the machine run to chop the fruit and vegetables into smaller pieces. Switch off on time to avoid over processing and use a spatula to scrap off pieces that are stuck on the work bowl.


Plastic kneading blade


Cusinart food processor blades use also includes mixing dough. Using the blades to mix dough is a good idea if you want to mix the flour thoroughly and minimally. If you are using a good food processor, flour won’t spill out of the machine to the work surface. The dough blade should, however, only be used if the flour is soft enough to knead by hand. If the dough is harder than that, it could ruin the machine. Also, use the blade if you are mixing more than three and a half cups of flour. When using less dry ingredients, it’s fine to knead with a metal blade.  To begin the process, push the blade down then begin mixing the ingredients.

  • Process dry ingredients first: Put the flour and other dry ingredients like oil, herbs and raising in the work bowl. Turn the machine and let it run for 20 seconds.


  • Liquid: Add the liquid (water or milk) in a steady stream while the food processor is running. Pour the fluid as quickly as the dry ingredients can absorb it. Continue adding it through the feeding tube until the mixture is as soft as you want it.



  • Knead: Process the machine and knead the dough for 60 seconds.


  • Finish: Remove the dough from the work bowl and bake.


Julienne blade


This blade is used to turn ingredients into tiny match stick like pieces that can be easily fried, steamed, or roasted. It also allows you to cut vegetables like potatoes into unique slices and dices. To get Julienne size pieces, process vegetables such as potatoes and Zucchini twice. Press the lever down and pulse to get long slices. Then remove the pieces from the bowl and insert them into the feeding tube and slice them again to obtain very tiny pieces.  You can also make Julienne ham pieces using this blade. Make sure the cooked harm has cooled then put it in the processor to make luncheon meat or bologna. Roll the pieces of harm, and put into the feed tube as many as it will allow.  Then process until ready.


Shredding discs

Cuisinart processors also come with flat, shredding discs. These blades allow cutting of different sizes of fruit and vegetables. You can also buy other types and sizes of discs to get different results. This will allow you to slice and mash all kinds of food as the discs are sharp and strong enough. When shredding vegetables, insert the sliding disc, cover the work bowl, and put the food inside the tube. For small round foods, trim ends to make them flat before feeding them to the tube. Then process one layer at a time to produce perfect slices. If you are shredding trim foods like celery and bananas, cut the pieces so that they are short enough to put into the feed tube. Then add the pieces into the machine and run it.


Slicing disc


Just like the shredding disc, the slicing disc sits on top of the food processor’s work bowl. It can be used to slice foods that are used in salads and sautés. It is particularly helpful when preparing veggies for gratins. To prepare slightly cooked French beans using the slicing disc, blanch the beans for a minute in salty boiling water. Then put in a coriander and allow water to run over them to stop the cooking process. You should never put hot food in the machine as it could ruin it. Ensure the French beans are cold then place them into the feed tube horizontally before running the food processor.  Apply a little pressure on the pusher until the French beans are sliced.




It is important to understand Cusinart food processor blades use to make the most out of the machine. All you need to do is to know how to correctly use what blade. To produce clean pieces, sharpen or replace the blades when they become dull. Sharp blades work better and faster. However, you should not touch them when processing food as this will lead to injuries. Avoid storing the blades or discs on the motor shaft to prevent injury. Treat these blades as you would kitchen knives; children should not work with them or reach their storage place.  Click here for more information on other processors blades.




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