Cuisinart Slicing Disc Instructions

You’ve just bought yourself a new Cuisinart Food Processor. Congratulations! One of the attachments for it, that you will have either gotten with the machine or bought it separately, is a slicing disc. This disc is made for slicing and chopping fruits and vegetables primarily, but can be used to slice many other products if you operate it carefully. This guide will cover general instructions for your Cuisinart slicing disc. For specific instructions for your model of processor, refer to your Owner’s Manual.

Setup and Installation

First, you’ll need to place your Food Processor firmly on a countertop or table close to a three-pronged electrical outlet. Do not plug the processor in until you’ve finished installations, to avoid any injuries.
Next pick up the plastic bowl, with the handle (if any) facing you. Place it on the base, fitting the central tube over the motor shaft on the base, and turn it counter-clockwise until it locks into place.
Pick up your metal slicing blade, find the outline on the top of it, and make note of that. This will match the shape on the top of your motor shaft. Line up this outline with the motor shaft and place the blade down like that. It should easily drop into place. Be sure it is pushed all the way down, because if it is not and you attempt to operate it, it will most likely become damaged. Push only on the sharpened section, never the cutting blade. You can check if the blade is properly in place by turning it left and right while pushing down on the center. If it stays at the same level, it is most likely placed correctly.
Your last step is to place your slicing disc on top of the stem. Place the disc, cutting-side down, on a safe, secure surface. Take care, because this blade is very sharp. You’ll notice a semi-circular plastic connector in the middle of it, with two symbols: A triangle and a dot around the outer rim. Pick up the disc with your index finger by the dot and your thumb by the triangle, holding it firmly so that it doesn’t slip from your hand.
Push the stem down and turn it clockwise until it also locks into place, sliding the stems of the clamp down on either side of the disc. If properly locked, it will not move when you try to turn it counter-clockwise. Now, the disc and assembly can be inserted into the bowl in the same way you inserted the initial blades.
For ideal usage when using your slicing disc, using the feed tube, if available, is recommended. To use this best, cut the bottom of the fruits or vegetables flat, and insert them flat-side down into the feed tube, as far to the left as possible to compensate for any tilting.
Grasp the pusher, and use it to slowly and firmly push the food through the feed tube and into the moving blades. Ensure any fruit you use is not too ripe or soft, or else they will simply masticate. Stop the machine immediately after your food is finished slicing, and you will have perfectly-chopped fruits and vegetables!

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