Food Processors with Shredding Discs

For all of us who love to cook and spend as much time in our kitchens as we possibly can, it is important to have all the right tools to help us create the most delicious and best-looking foods around. While there are many tools you will undoubtedly come to rely on as you discover your skills as a budding chef or a baker, or perhaps even both. Regardless of what subsection of cooking you choose to dive into, one tool that has gained immense popularity with everyone who enjoys cooking, from the most casual kitchen novices all the way to the most experienced chefs, is the ever-useful food processor.

Food processors, in their most common form, is a tool that uses blades inside of a “work bowl”, a bowl, commonly made of plastic, where you put all of your ingredients into. One you put them in, close the top, and click one of the settings on your processor, it will quickly chop or grind your food before your very eyes, and not stop until you say it is finished! By doing all the hard work in chopping and grinding your food, food processors all you to take a moment to take a moment to relax in the middle of your cooking session, or to spend that time preparing another aspect of your meal to get the entire dish done that much more quickly!

These food processors are incredibly handy and versatile. The most modern versions of these convenient kitchen appliances come with all sorts of adjustable and modifiable settings. Even better, these adjustable settings are not restricted only to the push-button setting on the machine, but also to the very blades and bowls that make up the very core of how the machine itself functions in your kitchen. Many, if not all, recent models of food processors have detachable blows, the will allow you to swap out any bowl you believe is too big or too small, in order for you to find that perfect fit to either solely prepare your food in, or to blend up in your processor, cover in some plastic wrap, and stick directly in your fridge for later!

This clever and convenient feature does not only apply to the bowls, but even to the blades of your food processor themselves. In many models, you can swap out different blade attachments to expand the capabilities of your food processor further than they would otherwise be, and maybe even be able to replace some other common kitchen machines with your food processor instead! Almost every food processor comes with the standard S-Shaped Blade, with is the blade most people will associate a food processor with. This blade is made specifically for chopping and grinding up any food your put in it, and the heavy-duty ones can deal with lean meats, nuts, beans, and even some of the most stubborn ingredients!

However, it does not stop with only the S-Shaped Blade. Most of the higher end food processors can be equipped with a wide assortment of attachments that you may not expect, and that you should definitely be using. These include attachments like the dough hook, with allows you to mix up any dough you may want but simply throwing flour, water, and whatever other extra ingredients you may want into your food processor and letting it run. This is great for if you want to make dough without all the arduous kneading, and it is also perfect for doughs including spices, since it will always distribute your spices as evenly as possible.

One of the most essential attachments, however, is the Shredder Disc. You will find it called a few different names both by companies and in the coking community, but everyone will know what you are referring to if you simply say Shredder Disc. This disc sits at the top of your food processor, and once you lock it into place, can spin rapidly at that spot. You are supposed to close the lid to your food processor, turn the blades on, and slowly feed your ingredients to be shredded into the top of your machine through the feed tube. Once you put the through the tube, the spinning disc will do its job, and the shredded remains of your food will be deposited into the work bowl for easy and convenient gathering. Check my other article out on shredding lettuce and other vegetables with a processor.

So, since this is such a useful attachment to have on hand, regardless of if you are making slaws, salads, or any other dish that calls for something to be shredded, like hashbrowns, we are going to take a look at a few food processors you can find on that come prepared with a slicing disc out of the box! So, without further delay, let’s take a look at the fantastic options you have!



A more recent release from KitchenAid, this fun and powerful food processor comes with all of the attachments you could ever really ask for, from interchangeable blades, all the way to bowls that you can swap and replace at will. While this machine initially comes with a very large, but still very useful 14-cup processor, it is understandably just a but larger than most people will need in their daily cooking. The folks at KitchenAid understand that, and so this model also comes with a 4-cup work bowl as well, so you can swap that into your machine and store the bigger bowl in one of your cupboards in case you ever need it to prepare for a big party!


This machine comes included with a reversible slicer and shredder disc, allowing you to switch between the two settings on the fly while cooking. This makes it incredibly quick and easy to prepare your meals with this machine, with absolutely no more effort needed than the effort it takes to throw your ingredients in the work bowl. With its durable steel casing, BPA-free plastics, and its innovative Exact Slice system for their blades, this is a food processor you could very well end up using for years to come.




BLACK+DECKER is an amazing brand for home appliances and electronics that you will certainly have heard of if you have so much as set foot in a Wal-Mart. These machines are made to be extremely durable and capable of going the distance, and a BLACK+DECKER machine that you buy has the potential to last you for years and years, if you take good care of it. This particular appliance comes with an incredibly powerful 800-watt motor, meaning that when you turn it on, a lot of power is going into those blades, allowing them to successfully grate, shred, or chop almost any foods you might throw at it.


This model of food processor also comes with four attachments to replace the standard blades, including the valuable shredding disc, and it even comes with both an 11-cup work bowl for your high-volume tasks, and a smaller, 4-cup bowl for when you are only cooking in small amount, or if you want to prepare something for later and store it in the fridge. This food processors boasts a stainless-steel casing, many come with digital button controls, and durable, reliable, BPA-free plastics!



This processor is a little different than what you may be used to. Instead of being just a big, bulky bowl on top of a stand, this kitchen appliance what a tube coming out of the top that lets it eject excess ingredients into a waiting container of your choice. The point of this tube is to compensate for it only being a relatively small, 4-cup processor.

So, if you choose to overload it and throw in more ingredients than it could normally handle, the already-shredding foods will be ejected from the bowl through the tube at the top, and be deposited into a container of your choice, making it a great tool for in you want to just slowly push as many ingredients as possible into your food processes without having to stop to take the lid of while it all grinds up and deposits itself neatly into a bowl for you to use!



Hamilton Beach is a well-known kitchen brand for a good reason. Almost every product they make is high-quality, durable, and reasonably priced compared to some if its competition. This food processor is both compact and easy to use, making it perfect for someone just starting to experiment with new tools in their kitchen, or for someone who does not have much kitchen space to begin with.

This comes with a small, but workable 4-cup work bowl, and comes equipped with the shredding blade attachment as soon as you open the box. With its innovative Stack & Snap assembly system, you do not need to worry about struggle with getting the bowl to lock into place. You just put it on and let it snap into position! With is BPA-free plastics and durable design, this a great choice for new chefs and veterans alike.

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