Get Cooking with The Breville Handheld Food Processor

Should you get a blender or a food processor? But then, you might also need to purchase a separate whisk. Considering countertop and storage space, not to mention the budget, you may find yourself caught in this dilemma — choosing among the many options, which equipment to add to your kitchen. The thing is, most of the time, it’s not a battle of one over the other; they can’t completely replace with each other anyways. You can’t use a blender to slice your carrots after all. But then, if you bought all of them, you’d run out of kitchen space. What should you do then? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one equipment that would relieve you of this quandary? You may have finally come across the answer with this awesome food processing station from Breville, maker of some of the most trusted professional cooking appliances.

The Breville BSB530XL All-in-One Processing Station combines multi-functionality and convenience to deliver more than what its name promises without draining your bank account dry. It offers the convenience of taking care of majority of your food preparation needs plus some.

All-in-One Multi-functionality

If you’re looking for a kitchen appliance that can aid you in your food preparation tasks and would prefer to purchase one unit instead of several, the Breville BSB530XL All-in-One Processing Station may be what you’re looking for. It is a food processor, electric whisk, immersion blender, and electric masher, all combined in this brilliant food processing equipment. For just the price of one, you can blend, chop, mash, slice, puree, and whisk. Simply choose from among the different attachments included in this unit and you’re good to go.

Power and Control in its Handle

After a quick glance at this unit, you’ll notice it’s uniqueness compared with most food processor models. That can mostly be attributed to the detachable handle, which serves two purposes. First, as a grip which is ergonomically designed to increases convenience of use, particularly your control to ensure less mess. Second, it houses the powerful 280 watt motor to which the attachments are connected. Unlike most food processor models, which places the motor at the base of the unit, the Breville BSB530XL’s powerhouse is located at the handle itself. What’s more to love is that it features a 15 speed setting for precise control when processing or blending.

The Breville All-In-One Processing Station also features a anti-suction blending tecnology which combines a “unique, bell-shaped blending base with specially placed internal ribbing to reduce suction blending.” The internal ribs of the blade system create turbulence which makes sure the food falls onto the blades, thus reducing suction to the bottom of the bowl. Sounds too technical for you? It basically means that this feature provides you greater control, more uniform results, more efficient blending, less messes. Plus, it features soft touch finish for less user hand stress. Isn’t that what we all want from a kitchen help?

Breville All-In-One Processing Station is an 8-piece unit which includes:
• 1 – Food processor bowl attachment
• 1 – Immersion blender
• 1 – All-in-One storage station accessory
• 2 – Cutting discs – 1 reversible shredding, 1 adjustable slicing
• 1 – Micro-serrated “S” blade
• 1 – Whisk attachment
• 1 – Variable mashing attachment

Food Processing

Breville BSB530XL can be equipped with one of the several blade and discs for food processing needs. You can choose from among the following: a micro-serrated S-blade, a reversible shredding disc, or a slicing disc. The S-blade, which is standard for food processors, is used for dicing and chopping tasks. For shredding vegetables, you can choose the reversible shredding disc. One side is for fine shredding; the other is for coarse shredding. The slicing disc that comes with the unit allows you to choose from among 19 thickness settings from 0.5 mm to 6.0 mm. The unit comes with a 6-cup food processing bowl, perfect for a regular cook’s needs, i.e. you can easily feed a regular sized family. If you need a food processor with a larger capacity, you may want to check out the Breville Sous Chef, another awesome creation from Breville.

Electric Masher

Mashing vegetables is now a switch away with the Breville BSB530XL mashing attachment. You can even choose how fine or coarse your products to be, thanks to the twist-adjusting head to create fine, medium or coarse mash textures.

Electric Whisk

Switch to whisking eggs and whipped creams with the metal balloon whisk and enjoy easy-breezy food preparation for your favorite recipes.

Immersion Blender and Ice Crusher

For regular portions of soups, smoothies, and sauces, an immersion blender is the perfect choice to go to for help. It’s compact, thus easier to store, and more convenient than a traditional jug blender. Simply stick into your pan and blend away. With the 8″ stainless steel blending leg (i.e. blending depth) with a non-skid immersion blender base, you can blend and puree without damaging your pots and pans.

It also comes with ice crushing blades to perfect your smoothies and shakes. Crushing ice can take a toll on your blades. And if you’re device is not fit for the task, you may end up with damaged blades or melting ice instead of crushing it. Thankfully the BSB530XL was designed for that so you can rest assured that you’ll end up cooling off with a perfect smoothie rather than an unintended juice.

Easy to Clean and Convenient to Store

The unit is easy to clean as all attachments are dishwasher safe and the food processor has a removable gear box for better cleaning. The model also comes with blade cover for additional protection and safety.

Versatility, convenience, and portability are the major highlights of this Breville creation. You can leave the multi-tasking to the BSB530XL All-in-One Processing Station and enjoy
your fluffy whipped cream, smooth smoothies, soups, salsa and dips or even baby food, as much as you want with less the hassle.

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