How to Cut a Mango With a Cup

We’ve all been there. You have a craving for some nice, sweet fruits, but you don’t want to have to put up with the inevitable sticky fingers, piles of fruit peels, and splatters of juice all over your kitchen counter that come from trying to peel a mango with just a knife. That doesn’t even begin to mention the amount of time it would take, and the unnecessary effort of doing it completely by hand. Maybe you’ve just gotten home from a long day of work and the thought of fussing with a mango peel, and then having a huge mess to clean up, doesn’t appeal to you. Maybe you just haven’t sharpened your knives in a while and it’s difficult to make the precise cuts needed to get the skin of the mango off, or, like me, maybe you want to avoid making a mess in your kitchen because cleaning it is absolutely no fun. Perhaps you just want a cool party trick to show your friends. No matter what your reason is, all you have on hand is a cup, a kitchen knife, and that sweet, sweet fruit. So, how do you manage to quickly and easily peel it?


Well, you’ll be happy to know, all hope is not lost! Using that simple cup, you can still amaze your friends at parties and get that satisfyingly sweet fruit, without having such a large mess to deal with afterwards, and better yet, no sticky fingers to put up with!


It’s really quite simple. First, take a mango (or any other fruit whose peel has a similar malleability), and consider its size and ripeness. The best kinds that work for this method are medium-sized mangoes, so that they can easily fit the glass you’re using, and it’s also important that they’re ripe, so that the fruit can easily separate from the peel.


Once you’ve selected your mangoes, you’ll want to slice them from the top to the bottom along the pit, so that you get two separate pieces of fruit. Then, to finally peel it, you’ll want to place the very edge of the cut mango, where the skin meets the flesh of the fruit, against the top rim of the cup and gently push down. It shouldn’t take much for the mango to come away from its peel and fall safely into your glass, ready to be eaten. You should end up with your peel on the outside of your glass and your fruit resting on the inside.

And there you have it! No juice everywhere, no need to immediately run to your sink to wash your hands, and the only peels you need to worry about are all quite large and easy to round up, so you don’t have to worry about picking tiny scraps of peels off of your counter anymore. As soon as the peel comes off, you’re free to eat them raw, chop them up and add them to a delicious fruit salad, or peel even more mangoes!


You will also be happy to know that this trick isn’t just for mangoes. You could just as easily grab that glass of yours and use it to peel a tiny, flavorful kiwi instead! It works just as well, because the skin of the kiwi is still firm enough to easily come away from its peel and smoothly land in your cup, ready to be eaten. And, since kiwis are much smaller than most cups you probably have on hand, you won’t have to worry about having trouble with your kiwi slices not quite fitting the rim of your glass when you go to peel it.


It gets even better! Craving a good Guacamole, but don’t want to have to manually scoop out the flesh of an avocado yourself? This trick works for that, too! Simply cut the avocado in half along the pit, remove the pit from the center, and do just the same as you would for the kiwi or mango: just place the edge of the bottom of the avocado, where the peel meets the flesh of the fruit, and gently apply pressure until it falls down into your glass. It’s an incredibly simple trick!


Sadly, if you have a glass in your hand and you were looking hungrily at that papaya you’ve had in your fridge for a week, you might have to find another way. This method of peeling fruits only works for smaller fruits that can easily be sliced in half and ran down the rim of a glass, and they need to be small enough so that they fit the glass well enough. These are the reasons why fruits like mangoes, kiwis, and even avocados work with this trick – they’re all small fruits that, when ripe, can easily come away from their peel when you use the right technique.


This particular trick was shared for quite a long time among “lifehackers”, people who enjoy finding unique, strange, and sometimes better ways to do common everyday tasks using common everyday materials you could find around you home. While these hacks may not always be more efficient than what they try to replicate (like using peanut butter to remove stains from a shirt), they are still fascinating to learn about! This specific trick was recently popularized when Buzzfeed – a popular media organization that shares many of these life hacks – showed how to do it in a video of theirs, and ever since then it’s been a go-to staple for people who love learning about the quirky, uncommon ways we can use things in our everyday lives to accomplish tasks we wouldn’t immediately think they could!


And in this case, not only did that lifehack turn out to work pretty well, it also now gave you the ability to easily make a delicious fruit salad quickly and easily, or, at the very least, give you a reason to hunt down a mango and a drinking glass at the next dinner party you go to!

Photos credited to: Dindo Mojica

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