Meat Grinder vs Food Processor

So, you have some wonderful roast from the butcher, but you want to grind it down. You could buy a meat grinder, which has limited use availability, or you can choose to purchase a versatile food processor. Let’s compare the two and decide meat grinder vs food processor. If you plan to use the meat grinder a lot, then by all means, purchase the grinder appliance. It will provide nice even chunks of meat. However, if you will just be using the machine occasionally, it will not be worth the extra investment. The food processor will grind the meat, but it will not be standardized pieces, the output will contain large chunks and fine bits.


Before processing any meat in your grinder or processor, you will want to freeze the meat for at least thirty minutes. You will want to also freeze the machine’s blades before use, since the colder the meat stays during processing, the better the texture will be. It is important to keep the slab firm. If your appliance of choice is going to be the food processor, be very careful not to over grind the meat. Unfortunately, if that happens, you will end up with a nasty paste, rather than good ground meat.


Although the meat grinder is not the most versatile machines of the two choices, it is the better appliance to grind meat with. The different varieties of meat processing you can achieve with a grinder include burgers, meatballs, and meatloaf. Your skills can also extend beyond beef. You can also grind chicken, fish, mutton, venison, and pork. You can even use it to make softer items, such as sauces, crushed tomatoes, grated cheese, mince vegetables, nuts, and make noodles from pasta dough.


KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment


If you have a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, there is a KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment that you can purchase. The attachment has a fine plate to grind meats and dried breads. There is also a coarse plate that will grind firm fruits, vegetables and cheeses. You can also put most of the parts into the dishwasher for easy clean up. Only stainless steel parts are dishwasher safe, if you have parts that are aluminum, they will need to be hand washed. The aluminum pieces will discolor in the dishwasher.

Homeleader Electric Meat Grinder


The highest rated meat grinder on the market is the Homeleader Electric Meat Grinder. This appliance has big capacity, big button and non-slip rubber feet for easy operation, big gears and gearbox to perform powerfully. The machine is made with complete copper wiring, has a stainless steel wrapped body, and a 800 watt heavy duty motor for peak performance. Inside, there is a automatic circuit breaker to prevent the motor from overheating. It also has a reverse function and a safety switch. Three exchangeable cutting plates are included (coarse, medium, and fine). You can grind enough meat for six burgers in just two to three minutes. This would be our pick for meat grinder vs. food processor.


Kitchener Meat Grinder with Sausage Stuffer


If you don’t mind a little extra brawn in your work, you may want to consider the Kitchener #10 Meat Grinder with Sausage Stuffer. You may as well kill two birds with one stone and get a workout done while you are preparing your dinner! This machine is cast iron and tin plated. It disassembles for easy cleanup. The manual grinder has a clamp that will attach to an surface edge up to 1.5 inches thick. Accessories included are ½ inch, ¾ inch, and 7/8 inch sausage stuffing tubes. You can process up to one hundred pounds of meat per hour using this grinder.


Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor


The Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor is a large capacity machine that will be perfect for all of your meat grinding needs. There will not be any guesswork when it comes to the operation of this machine, as it comes with a simple function guide. It has an easy stack and snap assembly. This processor has a unique patent pending design that doesn’t require any difficult twisting and locking. There is a big mouth feeding tube that reduces the need for pre-cutting. It has a 450 watt motor, so it will not quickly overheat. Be sure to utilize steel blades to grind your meat. There is a hollow space in the base of the machine where the cord neatly tucks inside for compact storage.


There you have it folks, our picks for meat grinder vs. food processor. Make sure to do your own research to select the right appliance for your own personal needs. We are here to provide options to make your decision much easier. We appreciate your visit and look forward to helping you further in all of your kitchen needs.Meat

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