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If you’re a big fan of barbequed meats, or just any meats in general, I can promise that you’ll probably want a decent meat slicer to help you prepare your meats, especially with barbeque season already upon us! From chopping up sausages, to grinding up ground beef, a meat slicer will serve you as well as any other tool would, if you frequently count meats on your plates at dinner. These tools open up a lot of new potential recipes that could be difficult to prepare otherwise. There are a plethora of options on the market for the discerning chef when it comes to finding the perfect machine for their meats, and today, we’re going to be comparing some of these options that you’ll be able to find online on, but if you’re wary of using the internet, head over to your local Wal-Mart and you should be able to find very similar products! We’re also going to be examining some method you could use to sharpen the blades on your meat slicer, to ensure that you always get the cleanest, best cuts from your meats that you could ever want!

A few of the options for new and exciting dishes that you could make at home thanks to these machines are incredible! You wouldn’t think that certain dish, such as beef jerky, could be easily made at home. But, with the proper meat slicer, making something like beef jerky in your very own kitchen not only becomes incredibly easy, but also extremely quick and enjoyable! And the possibilities don’t end there. You take fresh beef or turkey meat and turn it into delicious, flavorful ground meat in order to make homemade sausages (although you’ll also need a special machine to help you put that meat into the sausage casing of your choice), as well as making the perfect chunks that you can put into stews, soups, and meatballs or sauces! This machine can open up so many possibilities for your cooking, that if any of these opportunities sound good to you, I’d highly recommend buying one for yourself!

When considering meat slicers, there are a few things you need to look at, and we’ll be examining each of those aspects in this article. We’ll be looking specifically at the options to attach different blades to the machine, the power of the engine in the slicer itself, the overall quality of the machine! There will be smaller features that we’ll bring up as we’re examining the machines as well, but these are the major factors that you should consider when you’re looking for a new machine to invest your money in. Some of these machines will also put a decent dent in your wallet, although we tried to keep this as budget-friendly as possible, for some of our readers who don’t want to spare a lot of money for a machine that some people may not use often. Sadly, when it comes to decent-quality meat slicers, the machines do tend to get a little expensive. However, with all of those things in mind, we’ve come across a few options on that we think you might be interested in! And, stay tuned, because at the end we’re also going to leave instructions for you to be able to do your own sharpening for when your meat slicer is dull!

Knox Stainless Steel Meat Slicer with 7.5″ Smooth Blade

Knox is a good, dependable and well-known kitchen brand. They make everything from coffee grinders, to rice cookers, to toasters, and their Meat Slicer is an equally dependable option. This machine comes with a 7.5 inch smooth blades that you use for slicing your meats, made from stainless, food grade steel. It also comes equipped with a powerful and useful 200-watt motor, allowing it to slice through whatever kinds of meat you put through it with relative ease. It’s also not limited to just meats! The creators of this machine say that, in addition to being able to handle things like whole legs of meat and roasts, it’s also able to slice things like potatoes for potato chips and carrots for stir-fry dishes! And it doesn’t stop there, it’s also recommended to be used for things like hard cheeses, breads for making amazing homemade sandwiches, and other vegetables that you might want to chop finely, making this an incredibly versatile tool for any kitchen that can take preparing you meals from a tedious task to a quick, painless experience!

The tool also includes a dial, allowing you to adjust the blade on the machine to varying thickness, going from incredibly thin to up to half and inch thick! The blade stays firmly in place, allowing you to get clean, consistent cuts every time, truly making this one of the best options on the market that you can get from the price! The machine itself is a little bulky, and can take up quite a bit of kitchen space, in addition to making quite a bit of noise. So, if you have a small child who likes to sleep during the day, this may not be the option for you. If noise and counter space aren’t limiting factors for you, though, this machine is a solid choice for your kitchen!


  • 5 inch adjustable, smooth blade
  • Can cut a large variety of items
  • Powerful 200 watt motor


  • Makes quite a bit of noise
  • Takes up a large space on your counter
  • Fairly expensive


Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

We all know Cuisinart, so it’s really no wonder they manage to find their way into a lot of lists about any kitchen appliance. They’re relatively cheap next to a lot of their competitors, reliable, and overall a good brand when you’re choosing to outfit your kitchen. They make just about everything, so it’s no wonder that whenever you go into the Kitchen Appliances section of, you’re bound to see a Cuisinart machine somewhere on the front page. You’ve probably never seen a single ad from them, but you still know the brand.


Thankfully, their meat slicers are of similarly good quality! This machine also has an impressive 7.5-inch blade, with the entire slicing apparatus being made out of food-grade stainless steel, and the housing for the machine is made from premium-coated stainless steel and sturdy die-cast aluminum, ensuring that this machine can really take a beating if you ever have to pack it up and move it! It comes in a beautiful, yet neutral grey color, allowing it to easily match to almost any kind of theme or aesthetic you have going for your kitchen! This piece, like the previous one on this list, also has an incredible adjustable slicer, allowing you to take it anywhere from 1/32 of an inch, all the way to half an inch, and anywhere in-between! The blade is also fixed into place once you decide on your thickness, allowing for clean, consistent, and perfect cuts of meat, cheese or veggies every time! That’s right, this machine can also chop up your hard cheeses and vegetables just like the other one! So if you’d like your machine to be a little more versatile in the kitchen, then this machine is another great contender!



  • Adjustable, stainless steel blade
  • Great color
  • Durable casing
  • Can slice a large variety of foods in addition to meats


  • More expensive than other options
  • Must be plugged in to operate
  • Only comes in one color
Nesco FS-250 180-watt Food Slicer with 8.7-Inch Blade

A largely unknown brand, but with great initial reviews from customers all over the internet, who speak to the quality and usefulness of this product, while I can’t speak to Nesco’s reputation or the quality of their other products, from what I can tell, this particular one is definitely worth a look if you want to drop some more serious money into a decent machine. It’s a little less powerful than some of the other options we’ve seen here, with only 180-watt motor powering the blade. The blade, however, is definitely something to write home about! It’s an astounding 8.7 inches in length, making it the largest option we’ve seen on the list so far, meaning it can truly go the distance when it comes to slicing your foods! Longer lengths mean it takes longer to wear-out, since the wear is spread over a larger area, and thus, saves you the trouble of having to sharpen it as often as some of the smaller options! It’s also serrated, to ensure the it can cut even the most resistant of meats, as opposed to the non-serrated options we’ve covers which, while still very effective, might have more trouble making that initial cut and following through than serrated blades would.

This blade is also fully detachable, and while I suppose you could throw it in your dishwasher if you’re feeling daring, it would be a much smarter choice to get a sturdy pair of gloves and carefully wash it in your sink by hand. This way, you don’t risk a very sharp, serrated blade clanging around inside your dishwasher and scratching up your plates and cups, so this sounds like the better option of the two to me! Most of these models all have blades that come out for when you’re cleaning the machine, so remember to invest in a good pair of rubber dish gloves if you haven’t already, just to avoid the risk of getting a cut while you’re trying to clean your meat slicer. While some people like their meat bloody, I don’t think that’s what they mean!

The adjustable blades on this also have a 9/16-inch range, making them incredible precise and versatile! This machine is perfect for fine cuts, like you might need for salads, onion rings, or jerky, all the way to very rudimentary cuts that you might use for potato wedges, stews, and the like!


  • 7-inch serrated, hardened steel blade
  • Very precise adjustments
  • Detachable blade for cleaning


  • Less powerful motor
  • Bulky and takes up a lot of space
  • Loud operation
BESWOOD Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Food Slicer

Before you freak out about the price, I just wanted to include this option to give a solid standard about what a truly high-end meat slicer looks like, along with providing an option for budding hobbyists who want to really up their cooking game, or for people for whom money just really isn’t an issue. So, which all of that in mind, we’ll examine this option. Beswood, the creator of this meat slicer, is a high-end kitchen appliance maker, and their products are often incredible solid, reliable, and durable for many years after you unpack them. If you’re a ‘buy it for life’ kind of person, these machines would not only justify the big initial investment with outstanding quality, but also last you for years and years to come, if you take proper care of it. If you’re looking for a long-lasting product, this is it!

This machine also has the biggest blade on the list overall, coming in at a whopping 10 inches for the entire thing, making it a monstrous, effective, and powerful tool capable of handling even the largest and toughest cuts you might give it. The motor is an extremely powerful 240 watts, meaning that you’ll rarely ever, if at all, encounter any troubles with what you can feed through this machine. The blade is chromium-plated, which not only allows it to keep its edge longer, but also makes it much sharper than the other products we’ve seen on this list, meaning that this blade is in an entirely different ball park than the other models we’ve covered, which were only stainless steel blades. While those are just fine, and will still be just as good if you don’t need to use them often, if you see yourself using your meal slicer fairly often, you’re going to want to go for an option that means you don’t need to be removing your blade and going through the trouble of sharpening it as often. The chromium plating on this blade ensures that you won’t need to worry so often about it getting dull, or even just generally corroding!

Not only all of that, but this model also has a premium V-Belt attached to it! Basically, a V-Belt serves to reduce the noise the machine makes, meaning that when you’re operating this machine, you won’t have to worry about annoying whoever lives with you so much. It also comes with skid-proof rubber feet, so you don’t have to worry about pushing too hard and suddenly having the machine slide away from you, putting your fingers in danger! And, to top it all off, this machine has a double-illuminated On/Off switch, with a 24 volt, to best protect you from any electric shocks.


  • Large 10-inch blade
  • Double-illuminated On/Off Switch with shock protection
  • Extremely powerful 240-watt motor
  • Chromium-plated, long-lasting blade
  • Long-lasting machine in general
  • Very quiet


  • Very expensive
  • Takes up more kitchen space than most other options

Meat Slicers Covers

So, with your safety being such a big concern, especially when it comes to being around a machine with a very sharp blade that spins very, very fast, you are going to want to look for something to cover up the blade for that machine, in order to allow you to safely store it when it’s not in use. You don’t want to reach into your cupboard to grab your food processor, only to pull your hand back with a cut! So, with that in mind, you are going to want to get yourself a meat slicer cover.

Basically, these covers are meant to go over the spinning blade for your meat slicer after you’ve unplugged the machine and cleaned your blade well. The cover will serve to help keep it sharp, corrosion-free, dust-free, and make it much less of a risk to move around your house than it normally would be! A cover is a must-have if you have children in the house, especially if those children often find their way into your cupboards. So, when it comes to the safety of you and your family, you’re going to want the best protection you can get for your meat slicer!

Many of these machines should come with covers right out of the box, but if those degrade, wear out, or otherwise break, you’re going to want to get your hands on a new one as soon as possible! However, these will run you quite a bit of money for a good one.

Almost all options are made from a clear, durable plastic, and act similarly to a box. You place the meat slicer into it, zip it up, and voila! Your meat slicer is secure. While very useful and a great safety tool, buying one of these will set you back anywhere from $75 to $100, depending on the brand of casing you buy. Some will last you longer than others, if you intend to put them through heavy usage or a lot of moving around, but if you’re only looking for a way to safely store your Meat Slicer when you’re not using it, even a lower-priced cover should provide adequate protection, as long as it’s still made from durable plastics.

To store your Meat Slicer properly, all you need to do is, after you finish operating the machine, turn it off and unplug it, carefully remove the blade, and carefully wash it under some warm water with soap, to get rid of any excess food particles that may have clung to it. Once that’s done, all you need to do is carefully dry it off, re-attach it to your machine, ensure the blade is securely in place, and then place it in the cover and zip it up! It’s an incredibly easy and quick process.

How do I Sharpen These?

One of the most important aspects of owning your own meat slicer is proper care, so you’re going to need to know how to sharpen a meat slicer. It’s inevitable, because eventually, after weeks or months or years, that you’ll notice your blade doesn’t quite cut as well as it did when you first bought it, that it takes a little longer to get through the same cuts of meat. Unless you’re planning to just throw your machine in the trash at this point and buy a new one, you’ll need to learn to sharpen a blade. Luckily for all of us, it’s an incredibly simple process that won’t give you too much grief when you try it, provided you’re careful and follow these instructions. So, let’s get to it!

First of all, you’re going to want to take your blade out of your machine. Make sure the machine is off and unplugged before you ever try touching the blade with your hands, just in case. The last thing anyone needs is to leave their meat slicer plugged in, accidentally trip the ‘on’ switch and come back with two less fingers than they remember having before. So, please, make sure it is both off AND unplugged before you try to remove the blade, for your own sake.

You’ll need to purchase some sharpening stones from your local hardware store. Pretty much any hardware store will have these in their kitchen section, and they’re relatively cheap, even for good-quality ones. Sharpening stones are essentially coarse minerals that, when you slide them firmly across a blade, will serve to sharpen and refine the edge. These will be what you’ll need to get the job done, so if you’re planning to use your machine frequently, it’s worth buying a few of these so that you won’t need to spend the time running to the hardware store so often, although one will last you a good while before it needs to be replaced. It’s worth nothing that many meat slicers already come with one included, so check the details on whatever product you’re buying!

Before you start sharpening, you’ll want to clean your blade. Clean it the standard way you’d normally clean it, but after you dry it off, apply or pour some rubbing alcohol to the blade. This will serve to clean it further, and also disinfect it. A clean blade is far more easy to sharpen, as dirt and food particles won’t be getting in your way.

Now comes the good part. For most meat slicers, they’ll come with a way to secure your sharpening stone to the blade so that you won’t need to run the risk of holding it as you sharpen the blade. Refer to the owner’s manual that came with your meat slicer if it’s not immediately clear how to do this. If this is an option for you, I highly recommend it, because it greatly reduces your chances of getting hurt, and that’s always great! Once you have your blade cleaned, locate the locking knob, which should be located somewhere on the base of your machine. It should look like a black, plastic knob.

Once you’ve found it, you’ll want to unscrew it from the base of your machine and insert your sharpening stones into the section of the meat slicer. Once the stones have settled, screw the knob back in place and re-install the meat slicer blade into the machine, placing the blade on the sharpening stones. Make sure the sharpening locking knob is completely screwed into place and won’t fall off or unscrew while you’re sharpening the machine, because no one likes having heavy rocks flying around their kitchen filled with very fragile objects. So, make sure that knob is screwed firmly into place! You should feel or hear a click as you’re screwing the knob into the base of the machine, this will tell you when the knob is secured and the blade is ready to be sharpened.

Next, you’ll want to turn on the slicer. Yep, it can’t get much more simple than that. Just plug it in, and flip the switch! It should start spinning, grinding against the sharpening stones in the base as it turns. You’ll want to leave the blade on for at least 30 seconds to ensure it sharpens well. Don’t leave it on for too long, or else you may end up corroding the blade further than necessary for no real benefit.

Once that’s done, take out the blade again, give it another wash with rubbing alcohol to ensure you don’t get any stray pieces of stone in the next cut of meat you put through your machine. Wipe it down, and then remove the sharpening stones from your machine, re-install the blade again, and you’re good to go! You know how a freshly-sharpened blade ready to take on your meals!

No matter what you choose to slice your meats with, happy cooking!

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