Ninja Food Processor Slicer Attachment

If you do a lot of shopping around online, you will inevitably come across the Ninja brand of kitchenware. You can find these appliances for sale in most popular online market, such as, but you may struggle to find them in any physical stores near you. This makes them into a sort of rare treasure among diehard chefs everywhere. Their scarcity, combined with their incredible reliability and reputation among cooks everywhere, make them into a treasure you should be hunting. If you are interested in any sort of work in the kitchen, from blending to juicing and pretty much anything else you may want, you will certainly want to give Ninja devices a try! Many people will vouch for their quality time and time again.

An important part of any serious kitchen is streamlining the work you do in it, so that you can make delicious meals in the fastest and most efficient way possible. This not only means that you have to do your homework about what machines would be best for your kitchen, but also take stock of how much counter space you have to fit those machines. If you find yourself having to squeeze those machines into place, or if you want to take your streamlining as far as it can go, you will want to look into finding a machine that would allow you to replace multiple other machines at once. If you have one machine that performs the tasks of two or three other appliances, that saves you an incredible amount of space and allows you to play with your kitchen design as you see fit!

If streamlining your kitchen sounds like something that interests you, you should look into buying yourself a food processor. Many people are upgrading their kitchen with these easy and versatile tools. On their own, food processors are already incredibly useful, allowing their users to puree, grind, and mash their ingredients. Right out of the box, you can use these amazing machines to create dips or spreads, like homemade hummus or peanut butter, as well as being able to grind up foods like nuts and lean meats for whatever dish you are looking to make! Many even use them to grind up cookies or graham crackers to make delicious and crunchy bases for their pastries! However, this is just the beginning of what these useful kitchen appliances can do for the creative kitchen creator.

You may or may not have heard during your search for a food processors, but many of them come with compatibility for certain attachments to be added onto your machine. In essence, these attachments replace the stock blades that come with your food processor and allow it to perform a wide array of different tasks, depending on the attachment you choose to use for it! The capabilities of these attachments can range anywhere from turning your food processor into a juicer, all the way to turning the potatoes you feed into it directly to French fries, ready to be cooked as soon as you take them out of your food processor’s bowl! Almost every brand of food processor has their own attachment made specifically for them, and Ninja is no exception.

So, we are going to be looking at one of the most useful attachment you can add to you Ninja food processor that will allow you to expand its capabilities and not only make your kitchen activities much faster, but also remove a lot of the hard work from your cooking sessions! Of course, we are talking about the slicing disc attachment, with does exactly what the name says: It chops, slices, and dices almost any kind of food your put into your processor. This is great for people who have difficulty chopping their food manually with knives, either due to joint pains or anything else. Not only is this a faster and easier alternative to chopping your food yourself, it lets you either take a brief break while you are cooking to relax, or you can even start on another part of your meal while your food processor is going! So, with the capabilities of this versatile tool in mind, we will look into how to install your Ninja food processor slicing blade into your machine!


Once you get your hands on a fantastic Ninja food processor, you may notice that some models come with different attachments right out of the box. If not, you will have to order one online. However, this can be a blessing in disguise, as the slicing disc attachment Ninja sells is a reversible blade that can also shred. Meaning this blade can perform two functions, and save you from having to buy a shredding disc if you ever need to shred food! All you need to do it flip the disc around and install it, and you are good to go!

In order to properly install your disc, you will want to unplug your food processor fully, to ensure no terrible accidents happen. Once you do this, pop the lid off of your processor and carefully take out the standard S-blade it came with, or whatever attachment you happen to have in it. Once you set that aside, either to store or to clean later, you will want to slowly lower your slicing blade into the machine you are using. This disc should sit on the top of your food processor, and you use it by feeding chunks of the food you want to slice through the feed tube on top of the machine. Once you lower it in, ensure the side you want is facing upward, and rotate it until you feel and hear it lock into place, where it should not be able to move any more. Once this happens, you are good to start slicing and dicing! If you ever get confused on a step, or need more detailed instructions, consult the manuals that will have come with your food processor or slicing disc!  If you need information on cuisinart processor blades click here.

Happy cooking!

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