Onion Goggles That Will Fit Over Glasses

No one can deny it, chopping onions can really be a pain. That’s not because they are difficult to chop more than any other vegetable, or because it happens to be any more tedious than any other food you may need to cut. Everyone knows why it sucks so much: cutting Onions can make you cry more than the ending of Marley & Me, and you will not even get the same outlook on life that you would get after watching that movie. So, naturally, unless you want to keep crying every time you need to prepare a delicious meal, you will need to find a solution.

People will tell you a bunch of tricks, from chewing gum while you chop your onions to just making sure you breathe through your mouth, but these so-called “kitchen hacks” all have one thing in common: They never really seem to work when you need them to. Sure, maybe they work when you are cutting that small onion for a salad, but when it’s the morning before the big game and you are chopping up a couple of huge onions to add to your chili for that night, you always seem to need to take a few steps away from the counter so that you can let the tears subside. Doing this multiple times just for one meal adds a lot of unnecessary minutes to your cooking, minutes that could be spent doing other things that are not wiping tears away from your irritated eyes.

You may or may not know the science behind it, but it is actually quite interesting. Essentially, there are unstable chemicals in onions that irritate your eyes when they come in contact with them. Onions, when cut, produce a chemical irritant called syn-propanethial-S-oxide. This chemical is the result of chemical instability that results from an onion being cut, which scientists say is because of a particular enzyme in the onion that prevents it from stabilizing. This irritant floats up to your eyes and interacts with some glands that your eye uses to help in its daily function. So, in response to your body feeling something in your eyes trying to mess with your glands, your body triggers one of the defense mechanisms it has to keep things out of your eyes: you start tearing up. A lot. While your body is only trying to look out for itself, this can still be very annoying when you’re in a rush to prepare an amazing meal on a time limit.

So, that leaves you with one option, really: kitchen googles. While you may not find them in every kitchen, every kitchen would greatly benefit from having a pair of these on hand for when they are needed. How they work is incredibly simple, I probably do not even need to tell you. You just put them on before you start chopping away at your onions, and then once you getting to slicing, you will be overjoyed that you have managed to cut your way through an entire onion without having to feel that familiar sting in your eyes and put up with those tears streaming down your face that make you look like you just saw the world’s saddest television drama. Just an incredibly simply pair of durable plastic goggles can save you from a lot of pain and irritation in the kitchen, as well as saving you a lot of time, since you no longer have to spend time wiping your eyes dry or stepping away from the cutting board to try and stop the tears.

However, you may find some of these goggles to be quite slender, or you will find some versions of them that have individual, separate parts that go over each eye. And those are well and good, but if you have glasses that you cannot see without, those are simply not an option for you. So, for those of us who needed our glasses, I have found a few options for you to consider when you are looking for kitchen goggles, that will allow you to wear your glasses underneath them so that you can actually see what you are cutting, and not have to deal with the tears in your eyes any longer!

ORKA A24610 Onion Mask

If you’re looking for something that is very durable, you can’t go wrong with Orka. These goggles are specifically called an “Onion Mask”, and they are spacious enough to fit your glasses underneath as well! These goggles come in a stylish red color, and for a mere $15, you can get these rather cheaply as well to ensure you no longer have to cry when chopping onions in the kitchen!
These goggles also include a nice, soft foam lining, meaning you will get maximum comfort when using these and will not be left with a sore area around your eyes that as a line indented into your skin from the mask pressing down on it, which is fantastic! Even better, these don’t simply use an elastic band that you have to hope fits you. These come with an adjustable Velcro band to wrap around your head, letting people of every head size be able to use these comfortably and effectively, no matter if you like to have your goggles so tight that they could be a part of your face, or so loose that you barely realize they are there.

Poblano CLAF Chef Shades/Onion Goggles with Clear Anti-Fog Lenses and Frames

These particular goggles, while a little more expensive than the previous version we just looked are, are still just as durable and spacious, and much, much more stylish! These come in a sunglasses-style, with a much broader from to allow your glasses to fit underneath! These also include their own closed-cell foam lining, and come in anti-fog plastic, so you never have to worry about needing to wipe them down every so often! These have no band, so if you don’t enjoy the feeling of having a band wrapped around your head, these are a solid choice!

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