Vegan Juicer Recipes

We all know how hard I can be to find delicious, vegan-friendly options when you’re out on the go, especially flavorful drinks! So, today we’re going to fix that problem by giving you a variety of amazing recipes for amazing juices and stunning smoothies that you can make at home quickly and easily with very simple ingredients, and take anywhere with you. All of these can be made with your very own juicer from the comfort of your kitchen! These recipes are hand-picked for their delicious, nutritious, and vegan-friendly ingredients. Now, without further delay, let’s get into it!
1. Carrot Spinach Ginger Juice
This recipe takes two ultra-healthy vegetables and bring those amazing flavors together into a juice packed full of vitamin C and A!
• 4 carrots
• A handful of spinach
• A chuck of ginger, roughly the size of your thumb
Juice the carrots first, then you’re your ginger, and finally add spinach at the end. Pour into a cup and enjoy!
2. Green Lemonade
This is perfect for people new to the vegan lifestyle, since it’s light and fruity and not too thick! If you’re looking for a delicious treat or for a nice beverage to help you relax, try this!
• 1 green apple
• 1 Lemon (or the juice of a lemon)
• 5 large stalks celery
• 1 cucumber
• 1 large handful parsley
• 5 stalks kale
Blend all ingredients in order. If your juicer cannot handle a lemon, simply add the juice of a full lemon into the drink at the end and stir!
3. Pink Pear Juice
This juice is also very fruity, making it perfect for people looking for something a little sweeter. The Beet added to it also gives it a beautiful pink color and makes it look great when it’s in your glass!
• 1 pear (medium to large)
• 1 beet
• 1-2 inches ginger
• 1 ½ cups pineapple, cut into chunks
Juice Pear first, then Beat, juice 1 or 2 inches of Ginger according to taste, and finally add in the chunks of Pineapple! Serve at room temperature or chilled and enjoy!

4. Carrot Romaine Juice
Another delicious juice, these two flavors still taste sweet together, but the amazing nutrients in the Romaine makes it extra-healthy, in addition to all of the vitamins you get from the Carrot! This is also a very good way to get your kids to have their vegetables!
• 6 Large Carrots
• One head of Romaine
This recipe makes quite a bit of juice, so if you want less, adjust the amount you juice for your own preferences, but try to keep the ratio of Carrot to Romaine roughly the same. This should turn out to be a nice, rich orange color.

5. Orange Dream
This recipe mixes together the amazing flavors of Carrot, Apple, and Lemon all into one delicious drink! It’s just as simple as the rest of the drink on this list and is perfect for hot summer days or nights in with your family!
• One pound large Carrots (peeled)
• Half a Lemon (peeled)
• Some green leaves, such as red Lettuce or Carrot greens
• One Apple
It’s important to peel the Carrots for this one, otherwise they add an earthiness to the drink that doesn’t blend well with the other flavors. Juice the Fruits and Vegetables first, and finish by juicing the greens. Shake it well to ensure it’s mixed and serve chilled.

6. Hearty Vegetable Juice
This juice tastes remarkably like V8, if you’ve ever tried that! It’s rich, smooth and tasty, and provides all of the right vitamins and minerals to make you feel great for the rest of the day.
• 3 cups chopped tomatoes
• 1 stalk of celery
• 1 cucumber
• 3 drops stevia (optional)
• 1/2 teaspoon of Himalaya sea salt
• 1/2 teaspoon of Pepper
• 1/2 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper
Juice the tomatoes, celery, cucumber in your juicer first. If you’d prefer a sweeter taste, you could mix Stevia after you’ve blended the first ingredients for great results. Add salt, pepper and cayenne pepper to taste. If you’re feeling creative and adventurous, you can also add a 1/4 onion, fresh oregano and basil and red bell pepper to really bring out more of the flavor in this drink!

7. Vacation Juice
This drink tastes fruity, ever so slightly tropical, and more delicious than you could imagine! The mint and pineapple pair very well, and the added lemon and apples do nothing but add amazing flavors and nutrients to the drink. If you do decide to be brave and add in some kale, you’ll end up with a slightly greener drink that will have a less tropical taste, but you will still have an amazing experience with it.
• 2 pineapples
• 3 apples
• 6 bunch sprigs mint
• 2 lemons
• Optional: 1 bunch kale
Serve at room temperature, or shaken over ice. Add a sprig of mint to the top of your glass as a beautiful garnish! If you don’t add the Kale, you should get a nice pale yellow color when you pour it out into your glass.

8. Apple Ginger Limeade
This is a tangy, very pleasant drink that takes so many good flavors and combines them into one! When done right, you’ll get the sourness of the lime combined with the sweetness of the apple and the ever so subtle spice of the ginger mixed in. Extremely healthy, extremely tasty, there’s not much more you could ask for!
• 6 apples
• 7 limes
• 1.5-2 inch ginger
• Up to 36 oz. filtered water
• 3-6 tsp. agave

Firstly, make sure to peel your limes, since you don’t want any of the zest to accidentally find its way into your drink! After you’ve done that, pass everything through your juicer and into a nice glass of your choice. Dilute with water depending on your taste, obviously the more you put in, the weaker the final juice will taste. Serve chilled on a hot day for best results!

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