What Can I Use a Food Processor For?

If you are here because you are either considering getting a food processor, or have already bought one and want to know the extent of what you can do with it, congratulations! You made it to the right place. With such a versatile and comprehensive kitchen appliance such as the food processor, it is important to know both how best to use it, and what accessories and attachments you might need to really take things to the next level. Food Processors can be used for a huge variety of things, and with many people now choosing to include them in their kitchens as a regular, everyday tool for cooking, people are rapidly discovering more and more potential uses for them, and sharing these cools and interesting ways to use your processor online! All of this sharing ensures that you will never run out of resources to learn form when using your food processor, and will always have access to countless recipes, pieces of advices, and troubleshooting techniques for whenever you are having any difficulties with your machine.

Some people have even begun to replace many of their more traditional kitchen tools with a food processor, saving them a huge amount of valuable kitchen space by no longer needing to worry about how to cram kitchen machines onto a counter, or constantly having to pull large, bulky appliances out of your cupboards to use once in awhile. With so many people choosing to give the food processor a chance in their homes, and with many more already owning one and being very experienced with its use, it would be crazy to discount the value this machine would have to your daily life. From shortening the time of certain kitchen task and doing them more effectively, to being able to automatically do processes you would have otherwise had to perform by hand, these appliances have the potential to transform how you use your kitchen and what you can create!

So, today, we will be looking at the various way you can utilize your food processor at home. Some of which will not surprise you at all, and some of which you may have never known could be done with a simple food processor! We will also be covering some of the numerous attachments you can get for your food processor, which can attach to various positions on the machine. These attachments, if used to the best of their abilities and taken care of, can ensure you always get a clean cut or an impeccably smooth puree from whatever ingredients you put into your machine. So, with all of these in mind, let’s dive into it and give you all the knowledge you need to be a food-processing master!

Fun and Creative Uses for your Food Processor

So, to know the fullest extent of your food processor’s limits, we need to understand one thing: what does a food processor do when you get it out of the box? The specifics, of course, depend on the model and brand you get, but it all boils down to a very basic function: they blend up, chop, and puree the ingredients you put inside them. Some food processors can handle things like nuts and lean meats, while others should best only be used with small amounts of vegetables at a time. Knowing the limits of your food processor and what it can handle is the first, and most important step to knowing how many other tasks you can do with it.

For instance, if you only own a hand-operated food processor, like one of the models you have to pull on a handle attached to a sting to operate, chances are that you won’t be able to do much more with it. It will be too small and have no real extra attachments to speak of, so it will probably not be able to handle many tasks outside its intended purpose. On the other hand, if you own a heavy-duty food processor with a 10-cup bowl, such as the ones manufactured by companies like Cuisinart or Hamilton Beach, chances are that you will have access to a wide variety of attachments for your appliance, as well as having more than enough machine power behind your blades to be able to take on even the most stubborn ingredients.  

So, be sure to check each of the attachments mentioned here and be sure that they are made to be compatible with your particular model of food processor before just buying one off the shelf and hoping it works out. If it isn’t made to be compatible with your food processor, it could very likely be unsafe to use, as it may not lock into place well enough. However, assuming that your machine can accept all, or at least most popular attachments, we will be covering a few of them here, namely: The French Fry slicer, the S-Blades, the Shredder Disc, and the Dough blade. Before you hop online and add these to your Amazon cart, check the box your food processor came in. Chances are that your food processor came with one or two attachments that you forgot about!

The French Fry Slicer

If you love French Fries, or, at the very least, love chopping things into the shape of French Fries, this attachment will be very useful for you! To use it, all you need to do is remove the current blade attachment from your food processor, and insert this. It should lock into place at the top of your bowl, and spin there when you turn it on. You are meant to close the lid on your food processor, and insert your potatoes or any other French Fry-able vegetable through the feed tube at the top, allowing it to be sliced up by the blade and drop down into your bowl in ready-to-cook fries. It could not be simpler!

The S-Shaped Blades

This blade is also called the Sabatier blade, and this is the blade you are probably the most accustomed to seeing in your processor. This is the standard blade, and the one you will rely on heavily for most of your more traditional food processor tasks. This blade is made for taking your ingredients and grinding them up finely, mixing them with whatever you add in, and producing a smooth, delicious result. This attachment can deal with nuts, beans, most lean meats, and more! Many people use it to create hummus, nut butters, or amazing pasta sauces.

The Shredder Disc

This attachment works incredibly similar to the French Fry Slicer, in that it sits on top of your bowl and spins rapidly, and you need to feed your ingredients through the feed tube on the top of the machine in order to use it. This is perfect for shredding up things like zucchini and carrots to add into baked goods like cakes or muffins, or to shred things like lettuce or cabbage to add to salads or slaws! As long as it can fit into the feed tube, you can pretty much shred and vegetable you might want to toss into your dinner tonight. This is the perfect attachment if you like to make stir-fry, as well!


The Dough Blade

If you were interested in the Shredder Disc for its ability to let you grind up all the ingredients you might use for a carrot cake or a zucchini bread, this attachment would be a wonderful addition to your collection! If you ever get tired of manually kneading your dough by hand, either because you find it dull or because you dislike that it makes your arms sore, this blade will allow you to take the effort out of creating amazing dough for your next baking session. You can throw in all the necessary ingredients to create basic dough, or add some spices and other ingredients to make it into something fancy, like adding in some chili powder or garlic powder to give the bread an extra bit of flavor when it is done baking. If you love baking and the smell of fresh bread, and want even less effort, this is for you!

Easy and Versatile

If you are looking to expand the capabilities of your food processor into a machine that can take of the responsibilities of numerous other kitchen appliances, it is definitely worth looking into the amazing and convenient attachments we covered in this article! With these, you can transform your food processor from a one-trick machine, into a kitchen appliance that can knead your dough, shred your vegetables, prepares dips and sauces with ease, and even make you French Fries. You can only benefit from having such a versatile machine in your kitchen, and the automatic nature of most food processors ensures that while you wait for your food to be prepared by it, you have your hands free to work on other aspects of your meal, or to just relax and take a much-needed break!

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