Why You Should Buy a Cuisinart Food Processor with Dough Blades


Cuisinart food processors with dough blades are versatile and easy to use. Whether you want to chop, shred, blend or mince, you can do it all using this powerful machine. Despite its power, the processor is only 17 inches when assembled. It comes in an attractive box containing the following items:

powerful motor base
work bowl
cover with a huge feed tube
pusher assembly
sharp metal blade
plastic dough blade
3 slicing discs
shredding disc
detachable stem
plastic spatula
cleaning tool

Assembling the Processor

Assembling cuisinart food processors with dough blades can be tricky as there are so many things to put together. If you hate fumbling, you could always read the booklet or watch the DVD. It’s not rocket science. Simply put the base on a table that’s close to an electrical outlet. Then place the transparent bowl on it. Fit the central tube and turn the bowl to lock into position. Put the blade over the shaft and push the central part down. Then cover the bowl and use locking devices on the lid to secure it before sliding the pusher assembly over the tube. That’s it.

Using the processor

Now that you’re done with the hardest part (assembling), you can proceed to the fun part. The processor can be used to prepare a variety of dishes. To save time, organize the recipe steps then begin processing the ingredients in the order that you’ll need them. It’s time saving to process dry ingredients such as parsley, garnish, and nut first. Then wipe the bowl before moving on to the next task. Proceed to any soft ingredients that you might need. To avoid making a mess, add liquids through the small tube when the processor is running.

White Bread Recipe

You’ll need two teaspoons of yeast, two tablespoons of sugar, 1/3rd cup of warm water, and 10 cups all purpose flour. Also make sure that you have a stick of unsaturated butter, three tablespoons of salt, three cups of cool water, cooking spray and milk.

Begin by dissolving the yeast and sugar into water and let it stand for five minutes. Then put the dough blade in the bowl and add butter, salt and flour. Add cool water to the mixture of yeast and mix. With the processor on, put the liquid in the feed tube as fast as it’s absorbed by the flour and processes until the dough forms a ball. Remove the dough and shape into a ball. Then place into a plastic bag and allow it to rise in a warm place for about an hour. Coat loaf pans with cooking spray and use the cuisinart scale to divide the dough into four equal parts. Preheat your over to 375°F and brush milk over the loaves. Bake for 35 minutes. Then remove and allow to it to cool before digging in.

How to Use the Processor Safely

It’s important to make sure that you and others around are safe when using the processor. Here’s what you can do to prevent injury:

Handle the discs and blade carefully as they have sharp edges
Don’s put a blade or disc on the shaft until the working bowl is secured
Ensure that the blade is down the motor shaft
When processing food use a pusher, not your fingers!
Don’t drop the metal blade from the bowl when emptying it.

Cleaning and Storing

Once you are done using the processor, clean and put on counter ready for next use. Make sure that you unplug it and don’t leave the pusher assemble secured as this could damage its on/off mechanism. Just as you would with sharp knives, keep the blades where children can’t reach them. With the exception of the base, you can put all items in the dish washer.

Common Problems and their Solutions

If you are using this processor for the first time, you might experience some problems. This is nothing to worry about as here are quick solutions that will ensure that you continue enjoying the process. For example, your food might be unevenly chopped. The problem could be that you are processing too much food at a time or the machine is running continuously. To correct this problem, pulse the processor on and off and make sure the pieces are ½ inch or smaller.

If liquid is dripping on the motor base, remove the bowl immediately you finish processing. Then remove the blade. If you remove the two at the same time, the blade drops drown resulting into the leaks. Leaking could also be a result of too much liquid. Do not add more than four cups of liquid, especially if it is thin. You can, however, process a lot of thicker liquid like pancake batter.

If the slices are slanted, adjust the feed tune and put even pressure on the processor’s pusher. When sliced food piles on the side of the bowl, don’t panic. Just make sure that you regularly remove the disc to out the sliced food.


The processor’s metal blade is strong enough to chop fruit and vegetable, different kinds of meat and cheese. It allows you to control the texture of the mixture too.
If you are always mixing dough, the dough blades will cut the time spend in half.
The locking devices on the blades prevents sticky mixtures from pushing the blade upwards
The booklet comes with recipes


The main and only con of this product is that it is very difficult to assemble. If you aren’t patient enough to do it, you might give up.


The processor is sold free of defects, and it is expected to work properly five years after purchase. The warranty provided covers the motor but excludes parts in the motor base assembly such as work bowl and cover, all electrical components, and base. It is important for all customers to fill and return the registration card which will show date of purchase. If you don’t have proof of the date you made the purchase, the company will use the date of manufacture.


Cuisinart food processors with dough blades are made with the best food processing technology and have the largest work bowls in the market. The large feed tubes will make processing food quicker and efficient. It is an investment worth making.

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